Have you ever been weathering a storm and you just didn’t know how you were going to make it out? In the storm, you prayed, you cried, but nothing seemed to change. In the storm you felt lonely, you felt empty, and you felt left behind. You wondered if God cared about what you were going through and if he cared then why didn’t he come and take the storm away that you were facing. In the storm you wondered how a loving God could take you through this pain knowing that it hurt you deep in your heart. Then you begin to wonder how God was working in the pain. Then you began to pray to God and ask him “WHY”? God began to just speak to your heart and tell you that he needed you to worship HIM. God said when you WORSHIP me I will respond to your storm. I will begin to make things right because when you WORSHIP me I am changing things. When you WORSHIP me you begin to give me ALL of You. You give me the thing that has caused you PAIN. You give me your BROKENNESS. When you WORSHIP me it is just ME and YOU and I being the loving God that I am begin to speak to you and HEAL your WOUNDS. When you WORSHIP me you begin to TRUST me knowing that I am GOD and that I am FIGHTING for you. When you WORSHIP me you realize that the STORM that you thought that was going to take you out was used to GROW you. You realize that GOD had to use the storm to CLEANSE you. GOD had to use the STORM to direct you and LET you know that you have to DEPEND on GOD. God lets you know in the STORM that when you say IN THE NAME OF JESUS you are pleading the BLOOD of JESUS over your life and your storm. God lets you know that the STORM that he was USING it to PROTECT you from the ENEMY. God lets you know that he NEVER left you but that he was there holding your hand the whole time. If you are going through a storm I want to encourage you to just begin to worship God. Know that God has not left and that he is there and that you are coming out stronger than you ever thought you would be in life. I want you to know that God is healing you and that he is using your STORM as a testimony to encourage someone else.

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