Since becoming an entrepreneur I must admit there is one thing that I’ve grown to love and that’s social media. For business owners, social media is like magic but only if used properly. Some of you may have heard negative things about social media, but to its defense I must say social media and networking tools are solely what you make of it. If you only use it to vent and post negative comments then nine chances out of ten you will start to see mostly negative comments and realize that you are surrounded by negative people. Sad but true! Recently during a radio interview about media and social media I gave my two cents on how using social networks could empower someone who is an entrepreneur or an independent artist. With any magic potion there are do’s and don’ts.

 Here’s 10 common mistakes people make on Facebook:

First Mistake

Using a personal page and passing both business and personal information. Remember with a business your goal is to create a brand and as an artist you’re creating or protecting your image. So sometimes mixing both personal and business information can be lethal to your brand or your image.

Second Mistake

Over posting the same information.
As an entrepreneur or a flourishing music artist, we all have agendas and deadlines however over posting on social media is the worst mistake you can make. Here’s why..When you over post on social media it’s takes you out of a professional role and projects you as a kid laying on the floor crying, kicking and screaming because you can’t get your way. Need a better example? Imagine someone standing on a box on the side of the street yelling out tons of information, but everyone is walking right pass them and no one’s listening. This what happens when you over post the same information over and over again.

Here’s a tip: If you have the same message that you want to get out to a broader audience, consider asking your audience to share your information to their audience.

Third Mistake

Not reading other’s posts
Because social media is such a huge outlet we tend to overlook what everyone else is posting in order to post our thoughts and agendas. When you only post without reading sometimes you miss simple opportunities like someone posting a great review or referral about your business or music.

I would like to personally thank Enticing Resultz Magazing for publishing my recent article, “Ten Most Common Mistakes We Make on Facebook” . Please take a moment to read the remainder of my tips here!


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2 thoughts on “Entrepreneur’s Secrets|Ten most common mistakes we make on Facebook

    1. No way dont close your personal page! 😊 Keep them both.You now have two different audiences.Thats a bonus. Just remember to be selective of what you share with each audience.Follow @LaNetteKincaid on Twitter for more business social media tips


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