As you all we love love love pearls! So I think it comes natural for me to have a slight pet peeve when we see people wearing pearls with mix match tones.Actually I feel the same way about jewelry in general, but for the sake of this blog post I will stick with the topic of just PEARLS!

Im not sure why people are always in limbo when it comes to wearing pearlz.I personally like wearing pearlz because they are rare,different and classy.Take a look at the pictures below.

Hears some things you didnt know about pearls:

Pearls go with everything especially if you need something a little more edgy. If you’re feeling a little wicked, take a step over to the darker side of glamor with a simple strand of pearls. Every secret bad girl needs a special set of pearls in her jewelry box in case trouble needs to be stirred up.


Okay let’s take a moment to look at the pearls above. Although both pieces are cute, the necklace has the buttery yellowish tone and the bracelet has more of a white flair. In addition, the necklace has two type of metals that shouldn’t be worn at the same time. Again I’m sticking to just the pearls today. But you can clearly see that the pieces doesnt match.



Here’s a simple fix to wearing pearls:
1)Try purchasing and wearing pearl sets that are normally sold as necklace,earrings and bracelets. Cant go wrong with bundle sets similar to what you see in the pictures above.

2)Instead of wearing all pearl jewelry, attempt to mix and match. For example,wear pearlz and a really cute metal piece.Wear jewelry pieces that accommodate each other.Similar to the jewelry you see below.


Don’t be afraid to explore your jewelry options. How will you wear your next pearls?


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