For whatever reason everytime I watch (hoarders) I feel like I either need to clean up really, really good or take a good long bath.After watching the episode about the couple who had over 33,000 books I decided to clean my bedroom closet and I’m so glad I did because I found a letter that my daughter wrote to a Sailor for a class assignment. This letter really brought me to tears because when she wrote this letter while in second grade and I remembered how excited she was to receive a letter back from him. Now thinking about it the Sailor actually took the time to write Mrs. Diaz’s whole class back.. How amazing! Here’s my daughter’s short and sweet letter to her Sailor: (Mistakes and all)

Dear Sailor,08-27-09
I am in second grade. My name is Z. I am in Mrs. Dias’z class. Have you ever seen a shark? Does your ship have planes? Please write back

Although my daughter is now a teen and doesn’t want to admit to writing this beautiful letter, this letter brought back so many memories for us and gave us great laughs. I’m so grateful to Hoarders for giving me inspiration to clean. Its amazing how many treasures you find when you clean!

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