In the fall and winter seasons, many naturals will find protective hairstyles to protect their hair from the harsh cold weather. One protective style that I have been rocking for awhile is Faux Locs (Temporary Locs or Loc Extensions).

Singer Jhene Aiko with Faux Locs
Jhene Aiko (1)

Faux Locs is a protective hairstyle for anyone that wanted locs but didn’t want to put in the commitment of keeping them or growing them out. To get Faux Locs, many hairstylist will install them in a two part process, the installation of twisting or braiding your hair with Kanekalon, Yarn, or Marley hair (or if you already have long hair, they can just twist/braid your own hair) and then wrap each braid/twist with additional hair/yarn. It is a long process since it is two parts of the install and heavy since you are using a lot of hair. They also can be a little stiff after it’s install but after a week (at least for me), they became very flexible. I was able to keep in my Faux Locs for about 8 weeks (I would have keep them in longer but I needed to wash my hair and wanted something different). To keep my locs fresh, I would clean my scalp with Witch Hazel using a small facial towel and then use a leave in spray and oil to moisturizer my hair.

Faux Lox 2

One important note with Faux Locs is that you don’t want to leave them in for a long time. I believe the max time that you can leave in Faux Locs is about three months. Anything after 3 months, you can risk your hair actually locking up with your Faux Locs which will be tough to remove.
If you plan to do them yourself please watch the following video that we included below called  Faux Locs: Marley Locs, Temporary Loc Extensions

Have you tried Faux Locs?

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