Lesson from my mother:
Some people tend to struggle as adults to communicate because while others are talking we tend not to hear what others have said. Instead, we tend to focus on what our response will be during the conversation. Ever notice why other’s responses during the conversation seem to be a little off-topic. It’s because society has taught us somewhat of a shorthand type of communication skill and we tend to use it in our everyday lives. Everything is so rushed so we feel we have to give a quick response rather than giving a correct answer to what was asked of us.

As a child, I remember sitting around my mother listening to her talk to other adults instead of playing outside with kids my age. My mother and grandmother allowed me to be around them while they talked, but I couldn’t interrupt their conversation. When I was a kid,I loved being around my mother and grandmother as they talked with their friends because they always had a sincere type of dialog. Even as a child, I could tell that their conversations were genuine. You really don’t see a true dialog with people anymore because people either take their conversations to social media in an attempt to one-up each other because of the built-in audience that social media provides. Sadly when you see these same people in person there’s not much dialog because they are too busy checking their social media account or just playing with their phones.

One lesson that I learned from my parents and grandparents was just to LISTEN. Listening is something the current generation has allowed to fall by the wayside. Not only do I often witness children rudely interrupting their parents,  but they also talk back to their parents and not listen.
Most of us have heard the cliché that we have one mouth to speak less and two ears to hear more.

This article was also published in Running On Magazine

Written By LK

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