It’s no secret that more and more business owners are following the footsteps of bloggers in order to promote their businesses to a different audience. As a business owner, I’ve learned that most bloggers are normally supportive of other bloggers when it comes to blogging and writing. Whether your writing is good or bad most bloggers are still supportive. At least  that’s what I thought when I started my blog a year ago.

Honestly,because I’ve been writing for over 3 years for several media outlets,I’ve never really considered myself as a blogger. I’ve always just considered myself as a writer and that’s it. It wasn’t until I received best blogger notoriety from in 2012 that I began to classify myself as both blogger and writer.

At the moment, I wouldn’t consider myself as a “successful” writer per say but I’m very grateful for the opportunities that my writings have provided me.

So here’s how to be successful at writing or blogging:
1)Find your audience: Ask yourself what’s the purpose of your writing. Who are you writing for? Once you define who you’re writing for,the rest is easy. So find you niche!

2)BE CONSISTENT:Whether its for a blog or just general writing,Tim Gillette suggests that bloggers stay consistent. Tim also states on his blog he uses weekly themes to keep his blog consistent.

3)Organize your writings: I never thought about writing in an organized fashion until I met Shafonne Myers of Pretty Pear Bride Magazine, who uses  an editorial calendar to keep her blogs. Recently, I  stumbled on blogsite who offers an 2014 organizer that will save any writer’s life.Especially if you’re a beginner.

4)Be original: Please use your own ORIGINAL work.I know we see other writers and bloggers steal writings,but that’s plagiarism even if you change or rearrange words.Its still stealing.Also,plagiarizing is  not worth loosing writing credibility..

5)Use all of your ideas! Your ideas may seem distorted to you when you write them,but you never know where your blog post could end up.

What’s your biggest challenge with writing or blogging?

These tips were published in both Ambition Magazine and Examiner.

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