Women with Gifts is hosting 2015 I Survived” Gospel Concert to celebrate survivors of breast cancer,sexual abuse and domestic violence. We want everyone that understand that this is not just a regular, basic, gospel concert, the I Survived Gospel Concert is a movement to celebrate survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and breast cancer. This event is being hosted by Women With Gifts and created by founder and visionary LaNette Kincaid. If you haven’t had an opportunity purchase your tickets please purchase your tickets NOW!

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, who not only believes in Christ but is also a lover of gospel music and phenomenal singing. I Survived Gospel Concert is not just an event IT IS A MOVEMENT. This movement is near and dear to LaNette because she is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse and an advocate of breast cancer.ย 


This event will benefit both the school and survivors of breast cancer, domestic violence and sexual abuse. See what we see! Support our vision now. If you would like to donate, perform, volunteer or share your experience about being a victim of sexual abuse, domestic violence or breast cancer people email join or see the growth of our movement please use hashtag #isurvived2015

Some of our performers include I Am Justified,Minister R L Taylor, The Sons of the Father,Nicole Lashaun, Chozen Tx, LeKeisha Earles and many others!

Thank you in advance for your support and we ask that you do us a favor and click LIKE and SHARE this post with others.

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