Rush, rush, rush is the life of many and of course there are some constantly living in the past. Now is the time but that time is often overlooked. We need to seek God while He can be found. We need to do all we can do now for the Kingdom of God. A moment in time is an opportunity to increase the Kingdom. Think about this very moment and decide how much you truly cherish it. A precious moment it is and it deserves to be cherished. As I began to take inventory of my cherished moments, I concluded that most of my moments were not cherished and the need to begin to increase my cherished moments. The honest truth is I found myself being more focused on future events and not cherishing the moment. There is a time and place for everything. I am now committed to understanding my time and what needs my focus. I cherish family time and when I have an opportunity to spend time with my family, it is precious. I want to eliminate the could of, would of, and should of moments and begin to cherish the moments so that I can have a more fulfilled life. The hustle and bustle trend that many fall victim of is simply a distraction from noticing that the flowers are there. Some never even stop to smell the roses and live with no joy. Gradually some will condition themselves to ignore their senses. The roses and its aroma can surround some but not be noticed. It is imperative to tap into your senses and become aware of your world. Think about it, a smell can remind you of the first time you held your baby, a song can flood your mind with memories of a loved one, a taste can take you to remembering a favorite dish that Grandma made and your eyes can grab a hold of a moment that can mesmerize you. Children are perceptive because their senses are keen and they are constantly discovering their world. My children notice things that were right in my view but I didn’t notice. I realize that I need to reacquaint myself with my long lost preceptive nature and stop to smell the roses. The sweet smell and good taste of the word of God are a recipe for a better life. I desire to hear God with greater clarity, I desire to behold His face and touch Him. Every moment is a precious moment. I don’t want to just be in the moment but I want to tap into my senses and cherish the moment that God has given.

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