How To Blog Better Than A Dummy Am I A Dummy?  Well, probably not, but I too can fall in the realm of having a major brain freeze moment.  In this case, it’s because of blogging.  Despite having an immense love of articulating my thoughts in black and white, I too can become stomped.In speaking with other bloggers, as well as to pick on myself, I have come to the conclusion that blogging at times can be a bit more difficult than writing a prepared article, story or even a book.   How so?  Simply because the focus is a bit altered.  Blogging in its very nature is quick and to the point.  You, the writer, must jump in there, as in a fast-paced football game and get the touchdown quickly.   If you wait too long, the other team will score or someone will change the channel.  Let me bring it back to the point, a blog isn’t designed to be extremely lengthy.  But rather it is designed to tell a relatable point, with superb intellect and qualitative meaning, in a hurried fashion.Writing for some is quite different than blogging.  This may appear to be an oxymoron because both are a compilation of planned, specific declarations on a given topic.   One of the most stimulating differences is an article is not as quick, hosting pictures often, yet very precise.  On the other hand, blogging can also be about a given topic like horticulture, relationships, parenting, or religion however it typically avails the writer to delve slightly off topic by mere virtue of the blog itself.  A book is quite unlike the two hence I will quickly mention where it compares in just a moment.To speak of another difference, let’s think of blogging in the sense of having very little time to capture your audience and you must figure out to how do it with one chance.  When you write a book, you often have chapters to stimulate the readers, and hope they will remain with you, page by page and potentially stick it through to the end.  The same is true of writing an article which is typically longer than a blog but much shorter than a book.Blogging by its very nature is not restrictive or definitive.  Anyone can go to one of several websites and set up a page, no matter how plain or impressive and define their plan and begin to post to the masses.  Even more impressive is that it simply takes key words to spawn the interest of others as Google and other key sites foster the popularity of blogs based on tag words, interest and appeal.To digress, when the Baby Boomers and the Generation X’ers were younger, communication was quite different.  We would pass notes and use snail mail a bit more frequently than is used today.  It was commonplace to invite others to your party via an invitation which could be found quite often in our nearby Walgreen’s or even Walmart.  Nowadays, we use social media to not only communicate about parties but also to share our powerful insights such as those found on our blogs.  Many years ago, we never could have imagined a blog would not only hold the editorial validity in writing passages, similar to our favorite magazines, yet they honestly do more and more daily.Blogging as a dummy, by its very title, simply means no matter how intelligent or well-versed an individual may be, to be a blogger alone, will generate a totally different being when you get to your laptop or keyboard.  When you blog, you are responsible for not only producing a commentary with a certain degree of clarity and ingenuity but also one which will reach persons from one end of the hemisphere to the next.  This essentially means you are responsible for formulating the right type of mixture such that the dessert is tasty for the masses versus only to those with a given palate.As a writer by nature, it is always my goal to share something which will leave the reader wanting to know more about not just what I have shared but what inspired me to share it.  I will stand in the blogging for dummy shoes a bit longer as I proudly recognize I must take this obligation very seriously as when my readers gleam each word they are becoming more and more a part of me.imageTraceyGirlz: I.E.&E.S. – Inspirational, Entertainment & Empowerment Services. (Motivational Speaker, Business Visionary/Entrepreneur & Author) – – – Author of “Tales of Indifference: An Anthology of Sultry, Secretive & Simplistic Short Stories” – (book available in hardcover, softcover & ebook). If you would like to contact me directly, I would be elated to speak with you…you may reach me at (210) 901-8132, email me at, or tweet me TraceyGirlz.My goal is to help work with individuals and businesses alike by providing creative and plausible strategies to address social barriers, educational plights and marketing services. These matters of contention will be dissected via a professional manner hence producing a high degree of integrity and benefit for all. Feel free to follow TraceyGirlz on Facebook.

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