Recently I was thinking of ways to increase my income. I had registered with a website called thumbtack a while back. Mainlty for alteratofor, dresses and pants. Recently, I received a few quotes for sewing lessons. A few did not respond to the quotes or maybe found someone else. however, I had one student that was over persistent about beginning her sewing lesson. We conversed several times via email. Finally we came up with a solution. Weeknights once a week every other week.

We decided we will begin Monday, Sept 29th. Well now we are both excited. Monday rolls around and I meet my student for the first time. She is a young lady who owns and runs a summer camp and teaches computer animation and computers. She told me she has been wanting to learn to sew for a long time. She also wanted to be able to entertain the students when the regular instructor is running late.

When I got there we jumped right in. She had no clue on how to thread her machine nor wind a bobbin. She wanted to learn the basics, her ultimate goal is to make pillow cases, sack dresses, and how to hem a few things. For me the fun part of the lesson is showing the student how to thread the machine and then to start them sewing several straight lines on pieces of paper. This is when most students are afraid of using their machine. Most say its the sound and speed. I tell them they have to forge through the fear and learn to control the speed. The sewing machine petal is just like the gas petal in the car. You do not want to go to fast and you don’t want to go to slow. You have to find the right speed that you are comfortable with, sew that you can control the fabric that is being sewn together.

As she is sewing lines on the paper she was just smiling away. She pulled the paper out to admire her work, she was happy like a kid in the candy store. Our next step was for me to show her how to line up her fabric on the half inch line and quarter inch line. We also went over a few techniques to finish off her projects. For the final lesson, we made a miniature pillowcase. I showed her his to fold the fabric on the outside first. Then turn the fabric right sides together. And finish off the pillowcase on the inside. As we finished up she was so excited and ready to tackle more. As a teacher that is the most gratifying thing you can hear. Getting others excited about sewing is awesome!
My mission was accomplished!

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