Today someone asked me what type of jewelry to wear to an interview. Out of my two years of writing I don’t I’ve covered interview tips. So here’s tips for your next INTERVIEW:

First what you wear depends on the type of job/career you are going for.Secondly,remember you are there for a job so refrain from wearing overly bold and gaudy looking jewelry.
Big bold jewelry pieces tend to be distracting and could send the wrong message to the potential employer.

Another common mistake is wearing flashy gold or silver jewelry.
This type of jewelry may lead the interviewer to believe you don’t really need a job and it may be a hobby for you.

Here’s the perfect interview jewelry choices:
Charm bracelets are great because the show your creative side AND the interviewer can secretly oogle your bracelet to know your hobbies

If you must wear gold or silver jewelry consider pieces that are barely noticeable.

Good luck on your next career!

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