{Look of the day}
This fashion combination is both young and trendy and exactly what we were going for to start off Fall.
Yellow is one of the best colors for both Summer and Fall. We personally love YELLOW because it screams I’m alive and well. Yellow is normally paired with pink during the Summer and brown during Fall and Winter.This Fall you can also take a chance pairing yellow with navy blue, black and grey. However don’t forget about all of the other Fall colors such as cranberry, burnt orange and chocolate brown.

Now that we’ve talked colors, let’s talk about the outfit shown above. Shall we?
Depending on your age, this outfit could be a tad bit of a risk. If you are worried about showing too much leg just remember to wear panty hose.The younger you are or the younger you are attempting to be, you’ll want to skip the panty hose or leggings and wear black knee length socks.
Remember this look should give you a innocent school girl look so don’t go overboard with all the extras.
The picture shown above is a great daytime look. To transition from day to night simply tie the arms of the sweater around the neck. Similar to picture shown below:


With fashion, its all about feeling confident. Remember when in doubt-DONT! Let us style you at

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