“All things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

The Agony and the Pain were once there.
I could hardly make it through the day.
Sleepless nights, worry, fear, and anxiety.
Pure misery.
But I saw the Light.
God and Jesus set me free.
I got on my knees,
and He answered my prayers
Though I still toiled,
Slowly, but surely He restored my health.
I found the true wealth in His Word.
My mind, heart, body, and soul were quenched by the Word, the Living Word,
And Living Water – Jesus Christ.
I understood that He paid the price
for our sins.
He restored us and reconnected us to God the Father.
He who is all loving and good.
Yes, this I understood,
and that “By His stripes, we are healed.”
Put Him first in your life,
and His “G.R.A.C.E.” shall flow through you –
“God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.”
No matter how deep your pain or hurt, He can heal it.
Christ Jesus is the key.
He is the key that sets you free.
Just turn to Him, and see,
Yes, I guarantee
In all Humility.

by Norberto “BERT” Rosas


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