Traipsing through a brighter day

Each and every day we are told ‘to smile and smell the roses’. Each and every day we are told ‘things will get better’. Each and every day we are told ‘it could be worse’. The reality is tomorrow may not be that day but within 24 hours of the next day or next something will invariably change that bleak situation. It could be an accident averted. It could be good news you receive on the phone. It could be a kind word spoken by a stranger. It could be an unexpected blessing received in the mail. Now this is how you traipse through a brighter day.
For some, it is easier to be pessimistic, or on the other hand, some of us have such a loving disposition that it is impossible to believe anyone could always be this way. Bills and problems are part of every adult no matter where in this great world we live. This is just the basic truth. But to see two elderly people walking lovingly together is a blessing. But to see children playing in the park lovingly without respect of race or background is a blessing. But to see the great wonders of the world in magazines and you know if yet one day to see them up close is a blessing. Now this is how you traipse through a brighter day.
Life poses so many qualms on any given day. Life yet poses so many surprises on any other given day. If you have children or not; relationships or not; or regardless of your financial position your ultimate response to what you encounter is solely left up to you. You can be the most religious individual in the world. You can be the greatest atheist in the world. You can chant, meditate, pray or whatever you desire hence the result is the same. That being, if one allows oneself, you are able to be transposed into another realm or state of mind by delving into your inner being. Now this is how you traipse through a brighter day.
I challenge you to change your routine on tomorrow. Is it possible to add an extra prayer to your morning routine? Is it possible to stretch while in the bed prior to actually getting up? Is it possible to sit straight up verses immediately jumping up? Is it possible to get up on the left versus right side of the bed? Is it possible to say good morning to yourself when you go to the bathroom on tomorrow morning versus looking stately at yourself? Is it possible to change the direction you drive to work or school? Is it possible to speak to those who don’t normally say a thing to you? Is it possible to prepare your dinner mid-day if you normally don’t do such? Is it possible to map out your day by adding one selfish moment for yourself in the midst of your busy day? You get the picture…
Now, regardless of all the possibilities, if you try hard to plan your purposed moment it could potentially produce a bountiful array of positive rosy-colored moments or NOT!!! But this is not the end of the world. It is simply another day. But I’d tend to agree with the former statement and negate the latter. Once again, I’d say – now this is how you traipse through a brighter day!!


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