Giving back to your community is one of the most pleasurable and wonderful act one human can do for another human being.Recently, I decided that I would have small workshops (2-3hrs) on sewing for the little girls and for women. I wanted to share my sewing skills with those who really wanted to learn to sew but could not afford classes. So I decided to hold FREE workshops twice a month.
The first workshop I really did not expect a lot of people to show up. However, I had like 20 people show up for the class all with their own machine. I had a variety of sewers. Some knew what they were doing and some never have sewn before. I was so excited and nervous at the same time! I always question myself, am I doing enough? Is this class good enough? Are the students learning something? Are they excited about sewing?
As I was helping the girls with they’re sewing machine and teaching them to thread their machine. For me the hardest part is to NOT take over and thread their machine. I really had to let them be hands on and I had to step back and let them make their mistakes. It was really hard, but after a few try’s the girls got the hang of it.
Other than sewing straight lines on pieces of papers. I showed them how to make a small quilt block from scraps of materials. It was the cuts thing ever. Basically we sewed 9 6×6 squares together to make 3 rows. I cut the BIG Square into fours. And turned each square a different way then sewed them back together. The girls were so excited about this.
The workshop was supposed to last 3-4 hours. We did not leave until 6 pm. After the girls finished their projects then the moms jumped in and started sewing scraps of material together. It turned out to be one big ol’ sewing bee workshop!
As I planned for my next workshop and began to invite people, one mom told me she was upset that she missed the second workshop. She felt as though she learned a lot from the first workshop.
That small affirmation made my day. As long as I feel my workshops are of benefit to people then I know I will continue to share my sewing skills and encourage others to keep sewing.To see the finished quilt square read about that and other projects on my blog.

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