The last thing you need when you are looking to start your fitness journey are doubters. These are the people who don’t take you seriously, or question why you need to change at all. Maybe it is because you been here before – starting your fitness journey, or maybe they are worried about who you may become if you do transform your body. People fear change and they could be worried about what that change means for your relationship. Either way, doubters can make you question your own ability and can add some additional pressure when trying to lose weight. I remember when I told my family that I was starting my fitness journey. I thought I was going to get this huge amount of support but a few of my family members doubted that I would be able to do it. It wasn’t something we did. When you started gaining weight it was just expected that you continue to gain weight. Being the type of person I am, their doubt added fuel to my fire because now I had something more to prove. Truthfully, the only person I needed to prove anything to was me but it took time to make that discovery.

Over time and watching others go through their fitness journey, I realized that this was a common thing. Then came the question, how do you deal with your doubters. Well, the answer is to remember why you are doing this. Write it down and post it where you can see it every day! This is your reminder that making a change is about YOU. Another idea is to find inspirational post and put it in places like the mirror in your bathroom, your refrigerator or at your cubicle at work – any place that will catch your eye. Just do whatever it takes because in the end, like in life, you can’t let others dictate your success.

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