Truth or Dare is a game I use to play as a child. I can remember neighborhood friends gathering together on rainy days thinking of the next game to play. Most of the time a game of cards would last for hours. Sometimes we would venture to board games or other fun filled activities even if we made it up along the way. Our imagination could take us to travel the road on a big rig or sail the seas on a yacht which in reality was my older brother’s bunk bed. When we played Truth or Dare, we would have a blast at coming up with creative questions to get down to the truth of a matter or tricky situations for the ones ready for a challenge. The things that we would come up with was nothing to cause harm or put anyone in danger. Our mindsets were not of evil intent. It was set on fun.
The truth we are now faced with is that times have drastically changed and the challenges are much greater than most of us realize. The world is on a moral decline and evil is rampant. Many people are fixed on the lives of others through reality shows, talk shows, social media and the list goes on. Even religious platforms are being created to highlight the lives of others. Much of what is addressed is conflict and turmoil. Drama is at an all time high and drives much of what we see and it generates sales. Television is filled with corruption and it serves as the main source of entertainment for many people and a babysitter for many of our children. Much of what is offered to our children day to day consist of video games, explicit or degrading music or even idle time.
Quality time where love is demonstrated through guidance and instruction is at an all time low. If parents or caregivers are not deliberate in their efforts, much will go lacking.
A trend of daring our youth to take part in a challenge is causing so many serious issues including death.
Truth is our world needs Jesus. The challenges being served up is just another tactic being used to destroy our youth. It will take prayer and a commitment to follow Jesus to move our youth from being daredevils to truth seekers.

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