How Learning the Dynamics of Communication Can Help A Friendship

Friendships are more often than not described differently by two individuals sitting next to one another in the same room. The greatest commonality in the description is that it (friendships) allows for a bond in which joys, fears, dreams and your most intimate thoughts are shared.

Friendships are interesting in that siblings who are friends possess an unmistakable bond. They revere one another with great protection and closeness far beyond the bloodline which runs through their veins. Children who are friends are often territorial and secretive in nature because they cherish the companionship which allows for a multitude of matters to be expressed in the greatest confidence of their union. Hence, their connection is second to none. Adults who grow up together and maintain friendships rarely use the word ‘associate’ or ‘friend’ but undergird the term “family” due to the cemented connection which ties their alliance. Day or night, there is nothing that can truly come between what has been solidified over the years. Distance is also not a hindrance. By mere virtue of rapport, their love is unmistakable.

Friendships are comforting and complex. Friendships are solid and can provide security. Friendships are meaningful and equally memorable. Friendships are thoughtful and testing in that it is impossible, due to the mere virtue of life, to never offend or disagree. Friendships are protective and powerful. To be frank, friendships are unfazed by descriptors such as being an introvert or extrovert. Descriptors are merely the initial linkage that will spin the conversation between strangers and potentially engage a much broader contextual communication.

Opposite sex, monogamous friends are often questioned publicly and privately. It is often perceived to be circumspect or odd if men/women can genuinely care about one another without crossing boundaries or indulging in sexual palatable feasts of one another. It is my contention that if respect can exist amongst same-sex individuals why not among those of the opposite sex.

The breadth and depth of your friendship are only as unique as you. It is impossible to sprint into the life of someone and expect them to behold our concerns with the greatest armor plausible and you have not run for them as well.
The power of friendships is exciting, exquisite and shielded by innumerable parameters. With time, individuals open up and share freely such that their interactions are guarded in the heart of their true friend and encompassed with a love that isn’t easily described to an outsider. To the naked eye, some friends may have absolutely nothing in common or more similarities exist than are easily described. Regardless, it’s our behaviors and complexities which allow us to truly allow someone to understand who we are without the need of expressing pain, fears or concerns because your true friend knows just in your tone what is needed — that is you.


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