We are on week 4 and it is all about working those abs muscles. This is by far one of the main areas that women complain about. We are going to focus on both standing abs and floor abs. I actually prefer standing abs over floor abs but I find both very effective. In this situation, it will be helpful if you have some type of weights. Can goods are just as effective as dumbbells. The five exercises we will work on this week are –

Static Squat torso twist
Standing Pike Crunch
Twisting crunch
Standing side crunch
Kick out ab exercise

These exercises allow for several different modifications to up your workout or tone it down. I will post the video along with some other tips Monday.

However, to get good abs, you also have to commit to a good diet. The saying goes losing weight happens in the kitchen as well as the gym. When you put this in perspective, you can do crunches all day but if you are eating unhealthy and empty calories, you will not lose that layer of fat that is hiding your beautiful abs. It also brings up an important point. Do you know what you are eating? It is surprising how many of us do not know what we are eating. We fool ourselves into believing that we are eating less and taking in fewer calorie. So this week, it is all about tracking what you are eating. It is time to face the facts by completing a food diary and calculating calorie intake. There are several apps available that will allow you to track your food intake and will calculate your calories. Fitness Pal is one option that I have used and our lovely LaNette Kincaid is currently using.

So lets get started. We have worked glutes, legs, arms and now we are adding abs. These exercises are meant to help you kick start your exercise program in conjunction with some good ole, sweat making cardio.

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