We are almost at the half-way mark. It is really easy to start making excuses at this point as to why not to do the exercises. We need to dig in our heels and keep it up. This week is all about sculpting nice, tone legs to go with our bodacious buttocks and fabulous arm pecks. These will be challenging and you will feel the burn. Remember, to focus on that one exercise for that one minute. Not what you did before or what you have to do after and anyone can do anything for a minute. As with arms and glutes, you will do each exercise for a minute or 30 seconds per side. There are 5 exercises in this challenge. Check out the Leg Challenge Video http://youtu.be/EXazAbCJOBk on how to do each of the exercises.

1. Calf Raises
2. Lung leg pulse
3. Side Kicks
4. Leg Raise Pulse
5. Thigh Lift

We are also going to look at cutting out one of the worst things you can drink if you are looking to shed pounds. It is time to cut out the soda. Soda not enamel, higher risk of stroke, osteoporosis and bloating. To read more check out this article 7 Reasons to Cut Out Soda http://weightloss.allwomenstalk.com/reasons-to-cut-out-soda

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