I talked to Lanette Kincaid this morning and we discussed food options, exercises and getting back on track. One thing I pointed out is the importance of scheduling out your workouts and then sharing. So today, she is going to post out her workouts for the week. I would like to see everyone else do the same. It is one of the ways we can help each other. This is not meant to be something where we compare each other as well. We are all on different levels of fitness and the most important factor is that we do something more than we did before!

Are you ready to get fit? Join Chiqueta’s fitness challenge by clicking here.

Here is what is on my agenda for the week.

Monday – Arms and Glute Challenge and Turbo Advance Sculpt Workout
Tuesday – Arms and Glute Challenge & Turbo Kick with Ember
Wednesday – Arms and Glutes Challendge, 30 minute Hiit Training and Hip Hop with Veronica
Thursday – Arms and Glutes Challenge and 30 minute core workout. Possible Flirty Girl!!!
Friday – Arms and Glute Challenge and 20 minute Hiit Training
Saturday – Sculpt with Jennifer and Turbo Kick with Alicia (I know I spelled that wrong)
Sunday – Piyo workout

Have you met Chiqueta (Queta) Hyman ?
You can also get more fitness tips from Chiqueta by visiting her blog or by following her on Twitter.


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