So we are heading into our second week of the 5 Week Fitness and Nutritional Challenge. This week we will incorporating arms in with our glute exercises. We are also going to continue our Water Challenge and add in the Whole Grain Challenge.

The arm challenge will consist of 5 exercises that you will complete for a minute each. This is going to be a difficult challenge so take breaks when necessary and use the modifications as needed. You will find that over the course of the next four weeks, you will get stronger. You can do both the glute and the arm challenge together to make up a 10 minute workout or you can break them up throughout the day.

This week’s arm workout include:

1. Wide Pushup
2. Side Pushup
3. Rotating Arm Planks
4. Tricep Dip
5. Arm circles

For instructions on how to complete the exercises, click Arm Challenge

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