Recently after talking with my fitness coach Chiqueta, I realized that there were certain foods I needed to completely remove from my diet. I don’t claim to be a fitness expert, but I know what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. One thing that hasn’t worked for me is taking pictures of my food with my cell phone. I’m not sure when or why I started taking pictures of my food, but I can say that I’ve snapped away for at least 3-4 years. Since I’m not a food blogger or foodie should I say,taking pictures of my food is pretty stupid now that I think about it. It’s almost like clockwork every time before I would eat I would take pictures of my food. Sometimes I would share my food porn with social media and sometimes I wouldn’t. Let’s admit it, we’ve all watched pictures of food trend down our timeline and thought wow that looks amazing or even shared it. This is the start of how food porn became my worst enemy:


After realizing that my food intake was well over the 1200 or 1400 calories allowance per day, that’s when the pictures of my cellphone started to hunt my like a bad nightmare. I couldn’t make a call without these pictures popping up.


The feeling is almost like the food commercials that come on late at night. My downfall is the ice cream commercials because although I never want ice cream late at night as soon as they show that ice cream commercial I make a trip to the kitchen. Bad food is like a bad relationship that your parents warned you about but you continue to sneak and do it because it just feels right-atleast for the moment. If I could give any advice to anyone that struggles with weight and etc, I would suggest staying far away from internet food pictures-unless they are healthy food pictures. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to cook lasagna just because I was inspired by Pinterest. Sadly each time my inspiration didn’t come out exactly like the picture on Pinterest, I just added more ingredients and more cheese to attempt to duplicate the look. At the time, I did’t realize that I was just doubling the calories.

Besides eating a lot of unnecessary calories, I have to admit taking pictures of my food is by far my worst mistake! Feel free to take a look at all the food I’ve post via Instagram..

What are your fitness challenges? What triggers you to eat more than normal?

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