While eating lunch with friends recently, I  was really nervous because I wanted to stick to my fitness challenge and I wanted to make the right eating choice. So what’s the first thing I ordered?
I have to admit salad was the best food choice compared to the chicken wings and fries I would have ordered in past. However when my salad arrived I noticed that the pouch the waitress gave me was 260 calories per pouch. First of all, I felt like I needed 2-3 pouches of salad dressing. Secondly, why do people assume salads are healthy?  Thirdly, as you all sit and wonder why I didn’t order “fat free” dressing you know that fat free dressing doesn’t have the same great taste. 😉
Here’s the big fitness challenge:
Salad dressing or no salad dressing?
Salad or no salad?

How do you stay healthy?  What foods keep you in line with your fitness goals?


2 thoughts on “Why salad dressing is clogging my heart

  1. LaNette in the case of salad dressing, the answer is stick to balsamic vinegar or vinegar and oil dressing. Ranch and other heavy dressing have so many calories and will undo your good deed with the salad.


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