Last night I finished my flirty girl fitness challenge with my fitness coach Chiqueta ! We had so much fun.
I literally couldn’t wait to get out of the fitness class just to share my experience. I had so much fun.

What is Flirty Girl Fitness?
I know alot of you may be wondering what is flirty girl fitness and I will describe it to the fullest based on my experience last night.

Let me say this is not the place for the grandma sweat pants like I’m wearing in the picture above… 🙂
The concept is to dress in loud fun colors and with somewhat of a sexy or flirtatious appeal.

The atmosphere is similar to the nightlife atmosphere somewhat dark with flashing lights.So fun!

Bring your rhythm!
Last night during the flirty girl fitness challenge I have left my rhythm at home and I really needed it. For those of you that know me please know I didn’t go out like a punk.To get through this challenge I pretended to be one of those basketball halftime dancers and I made it through the class just fine. 😉

Here are my final thoughts about flirty girl fitness:
Don’t cheat yourself try as hard as you can to keep up with dance moves and don’t be afraid to let go.

What are you doing to burn those calories? How do you stay focus on you fitness goals?

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