Saying goodbye to fake eyelashes

So this is totally of the grid for me but because I absolutely love this product, I decided that I would share. You see, I am a card holding member of the wimpy lashes club. I don’t think I realized how wimpy my lashes were until my early thirties. I never put much thought into it until I saw women wearing fake lashes and I decided to try some on as well. From that point on, I was obsessed with long lashes. I gave up on the idea of wearing fake lashes for life when I realized how hard it was to apply them. I then moved on to finding the perfect mascara but it did not exist and I ended up wasting a lot of money on broken promises. Then came the introduction of lash extensions and I thought that I had found the answer. It worked, my lashes looked amazing but the process was tedious, expensive, temporary and bad for my lashes. So I said good-bye to the extensions and determined that I would just grow my own lashes. I spent $150 on one tube of lash growth serum and guess what. It did not work. I finally gave up and decided to accept mediocre lashes.

Then my friend and fitness instructor invited me to an online makeup party for a makeup line called Younique. On the page there were before and after pictures for women who used Younique 3D Mascara. I thought interesting but I had seen before and after shots before and this was not enough for me. I needed to see the results on someone I knew personally and Jennifer’s before and after pictures are what did it. I received the mascara in less than a week and from the first application, I was hooked.

This stuff is like magic, no smudging and it will stay on even after you are a sweaty mess.

Click here, to get more details about this product!

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