It’s so hard to celebrate Mother’s Day when your mother is deceased

Now that Mother’s Day is over I can finally get these thoughts out of my head. My momma showed me how a real woman conducts herself. She gave me an example of what a real woman does in life. Momma showed how a woman should make a man feel about himself as I observe her interactions with my father. When I think about the woman my mother was on this earth, I think about all the other women that I have come in contact with in my lifetime. The example that my momma has given me has made it hard for me to settle for anything less than the example that she has given me. My heart is heavy at this moment thinking about what my momma means to me. She always knew what to say to clear her boy’s mind and give me the ability to see things not the way I wanted to see them, but to focus on the way that things really are. She may not have been “politically” correct in the way that she delivered the message, but it was what I needed to hear and how it needed to be told to me. Momma was and always be the rock that kept us in place, God please allow her to continue that even though she is in your presence. As I wrap myself in your favorite blanket I feel comforted like a little baby in need of his mother’s warmth. I know you are here with me, so I feel no sadness, but joy. A joy that you was the woman that showed me about what a woman is supposed to be and how she should conduct herself. I love you, momma, always and forever

Eric Faulk

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