Guest Blogger |Nissa K

Hi. My name is Nissa K and I’m a little country girl from Texas living in the big city. I love reading, love music, love positive people and love traveling! I’m from a large close-knit, musical, love to cook family. I used to keep a diary and then a journal in my younger days but just stopped. After finding those writings and seeing what i was expressing, I have contemplated doing it again. I follow at least two friends’ blogs which have inspired me to start. I vowed that for 2012 i would step up and stop hiding in the shadows and have stories about what I used to do and change the tense to present. You can also check me out at So get ready to read about my journey in life. *Welcome to my world!


As luck would have it we recently featured a story about Nissa from Please take a moment to read what was written about Nissa by clicking here! We are honored to have Nissa as one of our guest bloggers.


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