Once upon a time there was a place where people lived unaware of the monsters that lurked around them. These grotesque things were called doubt, fear and mediocrity. The main purpose of doubt, fear and mediocrity was to take away someone’s belief that all things are possible. They would whisper words that would cause doubt and fill a victim with fear, making it impossible for the person to move forward. Worse yet these creatures would continue their attacks until the victim no longer looked to be anything more than mediocre. The creatures would then move on to the next victim and the next. But in this story, there is hope because out of the light comes courage, knowledge and excellence. Courage pushes people to think outside of the box, knowledge allows people to make wise decisions and excellence allows people to see the potential in themselves. The problem is that many people do not see the light because they can’t see past the shadows. Worse is that the light exists in each and every person but you have to know how to tap into it. The creatures are fearful of this light because it knows that this internal light can wipe out its very existence. Even more unbelievable is that it doesn’t take much to defeat doubt, fear and mediocrity. All it takes is the ability to put one foot in front of the other as you move towards your goals. It is as simple as that. Even more amazing is that this not only applies to fitness, it applies to life in general. Now the question for you is if you have what it takes to move out of the shadows and into the light.

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