As a business owner, I have to admit I’m not the best when it comes to business cards. Admit it, we all tend to collect business cards and then forget everything about the person we met. When I first started my business four years ago, I was a business card junkie. I felt I had to have a different type of business card for every occasion and oddly enough Vista Print helped me with my business card fetish.
As a new business I guess I felt I had to connect with everyone I came into to contact with. In the beginning stages of my business I traveled alot, I would hold on to the business cards I received for dear life. Not anymore those days are over for me and should be for any business. Honestly speaking after being in business for only four years, I actually HATE business cards unless they are thick cards with a memorable design. Other cards to me looks like rehashed Vista Print garbage. LOL 🙂

Here’s the truth about business cards:

Okay we’ve all heard the saying there’s someone for everyone right? Well when speaking of business cards there’s someone out there for everyone! My advice is don’t waste time and effort trying to keep up with a person’s business card that may not benefit you in the near future. Trust me holding on to business cards that doesn’t benefit you or your business does nothing for your time or space.

Here’s my trick to business cards.

1)Upload your contacts into an electronic contact system such as MailChimp or Contact me.Trust me you will love yourself for it later. In addition, to uploading the business contacts also remember to organize your contacts based on the profession. For example, Make-up artists, event planners and etc. Trust me you will also treasure this idea too.

2)When you’re attending networking events please remember your focus.Your goal shouldn’t be to get everyone’s business cards but to meet reputable contacts. Obtaining business cards was one of the mistakes I made when I started my business. I thought oh wow look at all these business cards.. Now I look at the same pile of business and think OH WOW LOOK AT ALL THOSE BUSINESS CARDS! I treat it almost like a disease or something. I guess since my focus of my business has changed, I’ve changed my view on business cards and other marketing materials.

Here’s an etiquette tip about business cards: Email or mail everyone that took a moment to give you a business card. This gives you the perfect opportunity to re-introduce your business and make the business connection more memorable.

What do you do with your business cards? Have you found the business cards you receive to be overwhelming?

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