Timing is Everything!
We’re back and ready to keep giving you fun and creative tips to make your next event, small or large, a huge success. Every event should be one that everyone will continue to talk about. The question is what do you want them to say?
“The wedding was absolutely beautiful, but it started an hour late!” “I really enjoyed the dinner party that Liz and Jeff hosted the other night, but I really wished that they started on time!” One of the main issues that guests seem to complain about the most is time. It’s important to respect not only your time, but the time of your guest. Things happen, but you can minimize the amount of things that could possibly go wrong if you plan accordingly and allow room to make adjustments if necessary. Here a couple of quick tips to help insure that your event starts on time.
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Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!” The earlier you plan, the better the chance of your event getting off to a great start on time! If possible, do a “test run” or quick simulation of the event to see how long the run time will be and that will help gauge what time to start your event. Think of this as contingency planning.

No matter the event may it be a conference, wedding, meeting or charity event, prepare the day and/or night before. Put together packets, set up the room, have food prepped and decorate the night before if possible. Ladies, gentlemen too, you should even try to have your attire ready the day before the big event. The more you can do ahead of time the better. Rushing to do things at the last minute will cause you to run into your start time and may cause a delay.
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There are other things you can do also such as manipulating the time of the event. If you want the event to start at 7:00pm and you know that you may have a few guests that tend to lag behind, tell them the start time is 6:30pm. That means you have to have your ship tight and ready to sail!
Timing really is everything to having a successful event, no matter the occasion. Starting on time may not seem significant to some; however, it truly sets the tone for the event. Make a conscious effort to avoid creating an expectation of tardiness for future events. Prove them wrong!
Every day is an event worth celebrating. Make it fabulous!

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