Please take a moment to meet our newest blogger Tracey Russell

Tracey Russell is a Motivational Speaker, Author, and Visionary who uses the pen name TraceyGirlz.  This pen name is meant to draw a correlation for her daughters, Dominique and Angel, but also for other women and girls who need the connectedness to forge forward despite your yesterday.  To be honest, her business works are for one and all, males and females alike.

As a native Memphian, she currently lives in South Carolina.  Her educational base was attained at Branell Business College (Certification in Accounting), LeMoyne-Owen College (B.B.A. in Management) and University of Tennessee, Knox. (M.S.S.W. in Social Work).  With these mentioned, she is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.   However, her greatest educational regret is that she failed to complete her doctoral degree which she started many years ago.  This will permanently remain a consideration.

As a former therapist, marketing professional, teacher, and speaker she seeks to use these skill sets to serve others and to speak on larger platforms about matters of life and the heart.  From her early days, she was the lovelorn of her school newspaper.  She has written for magazines as well as formerly had her own talk show – “In The Midst with Tracey”.

As the author of Tales of Indifference:  An Anthology of Sultry, Secretive & Simplistic Short Stories, she presented this body of works as an opportunity to share grounded stories of life such as road rage, mental illness, suicide, friendship, love, and military connections.  Some of her upcoming works includes a motivational eBook entitled, 52 Speckles of Motivation, a mentoring program, motivational speaking opportunities and other business consulting projects.  

On the horizon for TraceyGirlz is to potentially write for the big screen and to work in larger arenas. As a mother and grandmother, her greatest hope is to empower, encourage and edify others.  She aspires to inspire others consistently and to remind them that they should never be chastened to the confines of others via “a box”.  


TraceyGirlz: I.E.&E.S. – Inspirational, Entertainment & Empowerment Services. (Motivational Speaker, Business Visionary/Entrepreneur & Author) – – – Author of “Tales of Indifference: An Anthology of Sultry, Secretive & Simplistic Short Stories” – (book available in hardcover, softcover & ebook). If you would like to contact me directly, I would be elated to speak with you…you may reach me at (210) 901-8132, email me at, or tweet me TraceyGirlz.

My goal is to help work with individuals and businesses alike by providing creative and plausible strategies to address social barriers, educational plights and marketing services. These matters of contention will be dissected via a professional manner hence producing a high degree of integrity and benefit for all. Feel free to follow TraceyGirlz on Facebook.


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