I was talking to one of my female friends about monetary value verses true value and we had a slight disagreement on our opinions. We were talking about guys that want sexual favors from females for helping them out with certain things.
For example:
A woman calls up a guy friend and asked him if he could help her pay her rent and she will pay him back when she gets the money. He replies “yea, but you don’t have pay me back any money because he doesn’t mind helping her out. But there is one thing that you can do for me to make it even”. She then asked him “what do you want in return?” (like she didn’t know) and he replies “sex”.
Now let’s get this out the way, whatever grown folks do with their lives and body is their own business. I am not in the position to judge anyone because I do not want to be judged for what I do in my life. However this female agrees because she had nowhere else to turn. She asked all her friends and family and she also tried to get loans and pawned goods for the money and she still came up short.
Now this is where me and my friend had the disagreement. I feel that if a man helps her out in this situation then he should have access to sexual favors for the whole month that he paid for the rent and not just that one time when he gave her the money. I know that many of you ladies are in disagreement but this is my argument. For the whole month you’re going to benefiting from that money he gave you. If he didn’t give you that money you wouldn’t have a roof over your head.
If a man pays your car note, you’re enjoying the conveniences of that car for that month. You’re not on the bus nor or you asking people for rides or paying cab fees. If a man pays you’re electric bill, you’re enjoying the convenience of that electricity for a month. Refrigerator with your food in it, ability to watch TV, run A/C in the summer, heat in the winter, video games for the kids amusement and etc.. Since he gave you the money, now you’re benefiting from that for the rest of the month. Wouldn’t it be fair that he has an opportunity enjoy the “benefits” you gave to him for the month also?
If you think about the worth of those bills being paid, you have to reconsider the value of what he’s really providing for you. So shouldn’t he receive that same value? Tell me how you feel about this topic.

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