Life is crazy. There is no other way to describe it. Whether you are a single mom with two kids like me, balancing work, home and life or stay-at-home mom with a spouse, most of our lives have the makings of a comedy sitcom or reality show. Many times, this juggling act leaves us wanting some type of release, any release. A glass of wine, hot bath or an hour without anyone calling our name – anything to refuel our batteries. Not so surprisingly the one thing that can really bring balance and provide a sense of feel-so-good release, is not getting the reputation it deserves.

Working out does more than reshape the body. It provides a sense of euphoria that comes from the release of endorphins after an intense workout session and for me there is no better feeling then the one I feel after an hour of Flirty Girl. Sweat dripping, blood pumping, muscles straining and all I can think about is how good I feel. It is far better than any glass of wine and to me this feeling is my reward for taking the time to get it in. If you workout, then you know and love this feeling but if you don’t….

Maybe it is time to experience it for yourself.

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