What in the world is he thinking

Have you ever sat by your father, brother, son, cousin, boyfriend or
husband and thought to yourself because of their actions, what in the
world is he thinking about? Well, I have had the incredible privilege of
being a boy, teenager, young adult, man and now heading toward
middle-aged man. My manhood has prepared me for this article so listen up. My life experiences and by talking to every level of the males that I’ve
come in contact with in my Ministry from preachers to ushers, from gang
members to CEOs, from drug addicts to city officials and from deadbeat
dads to concerned and dedicated fathers the majority of us have settled
on five things that men hate. Pay close attention:

Men hate rejection by anyone or anything. It could be by
someone they love or lust for in most cases. We hate to be excluded by
friendships or family. In addition, men hate being rejection by jobs or promotions and organizations.
Men love to know they are loved and belong. The terrible part about rejection
is we like to act as if rejection never happened, yes denial. We are taught to
be tough and strong but this allows us to have bitterness and hidden
anger and everyone we come in contact with suffers until we heal from rejection.

As a little league football player winning was first priority. If we didn’t win the coaches or my dad made us feel so
worthless. I know their aim was to keep us focused on greatness, but it
had a major affect on our will to win. However, life does not always
allow you to win every challenge that we face. So the bottom line is whatever we set our minds to we want to be successful or we feel incomplete. When we set goals for our life losing to us is commonly not an option. This has always meant that in our education, job performance, marriage,
fatherhood, family and community we must win. If we fail, this sets a
pattern of constant fear and inferiority with others who seem to be
excelling above us. Many men are crippled after some of their failures and they are afraid of trying or give up all together.

Losing Control
A man was ordained by God to be the head. We were given dominion over everything. No wonder we are territorial when it comes to our things and our space. We must be able to take care of
situations, circumstances and conditions. We must have control of
providing and protecting our wife and children, taking care of parents
and loved ones and if that control is compromised it can result in what
we call “Testing our Manhood.” No one wants their Manhood shackled if
he’s a real man and will do just about anything to prove himself, even
to the point of hurting someone or something.

To Be Wrong
We as men hate to be wrong. I didn’t say hate to admit we are wrong because admitting we are is easier for us than the act of being wrong. We can say we are sorry but that does not even scratch the surface of what happened inside. When we can see the damage of what we caused it cuts deep. However, we do not need to verbally be reminded of the wrong doing, we have the internal reminder working all the time. We
can’t stand to face what we have done so the ultimate alternative is to
lash out at anyone who will attempt to remind us or even make us feel
bad about our choices.

In my Ministry, I am constantly face with deaths. Death is known somewhat as a mystery because the body will one day shut down never to be active in the
earthly realm again. Every man is afraid of the unknown. We have to bury
love ones and friends with broken hearts and pain that last for years.
Also, we personally are not totally prepared for our inevitable meeting
with death. No matter how spiritual, tough or manly, we wonder about our
time and how it will happen. Who will be there, will they be able to
carry on without me? Will my children be better or worst because of my
passing? Will people miss me or who will cry when I leave? We hate to
think about or deal with Death.

The word from The Lord and the comfort I have is Hebrews 4:14-16
I ask every woman and girl to pray for the men in your family and
whoever you come in contact with because God is still healing and calling every man to be a REAL man! God bless and keep you is my prayer!


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