It is surprising how much effort we will put into getting ready for that big summer vacation.  We will work out twice a day and just about starve ourselves to make sure we look good but as soon as we step foot on that boat, get in the car or get off the airplane, all bets are off.  By the time we make it back from a week-long vacation, souvenirs are not the only thing that we brought back.   In some cases, you find that you gained an extra 5, 10 or more pounds from over indulging.  But it does not have to be that way.  The key is Preparation and Moderation! 


One of the ways you can cut back on calories is to eat in for at least one meal a day.  Even when I travel for work, I pack nutritional bars to eat in place of the breakfast buffet.  My favorite option is Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar which contains peanuts, dates and sea salt.   Not only is it a less costly option, but it will reduce your caloric intake for the day. 

Another way you can prepare for you trip is to do a little research beforehand.  Check out the available restaurants and then hit them up on line for some nutritional facts.  This way, you have a better idea of what you are eating and you can make healthier choices.   

Finally, plan to get in some activity.  I know we all pack the standard gym outfit, just to find that it is still packed and clean when we return from our trip.  However, a gym is not the only way you can burn calories.  If you have the option, walk as much as possible.  When I travel for work and have some spare time on my hands, I walk wherever I want to go.  It is my favorite way to see the sights and I have seen most of London, Amsterdam, Madrid and Hamburg on foot.  If walking is not an option, bring along your favorite DVD set.  Right now, there are workout programs that take just 10 minutes to complete.  So just get moving.  You will be happy you did when you can still wear your pants when you get back from vacation.


First, start off your meals by eating a salad and then your veggies followed by the rest of your meal. 

Second, be realistic of portion sizes.  If the restaurant is offering large portions, remove the temptation by telling them to cut your portion in half before they serve you the meal. 

Third, if you are going to do desert, be kind and share.  This allows you to have something sweet without taking in all of the calories. 

Forth, drink plenty of water.  On average you should drink about half your body weight in ounces.  Water offers several benefits and lacks calories so drink up on the H2O. 

And finally, select cocktails that have lower calorie content.   My favorite option is a vodka with club soda and lime.  At just about 100 calories, this is a good alternative to fruity high calorie drinks that can add up as the night goes on. 

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy yourself but it does not have to be a time to derail all of your hard work.  

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