Women With Gifts is so happy to welcome our newest blogger to our blog. Chiqueta (Queta) Hyman will be providing us with fitness tips and etc. to help us ladies keep the bodies right and tight. Chiqueta (Queta) Hyman is a single working mom of two who enjoys wearing many hats. By day she works for an IT company in Sales and Marketing but in her free time, she pursues her real passion which is motivating others to incorporate fitness and nutrition into their lives. Queta is a Beach Body Coach and a newly certified Flirty Girl Fitness Instructor. She believes every woman deserves to devote time to themselves to nurture their body and their soul and she understands that finding a balance is not always easy.
Her journey started over 11 years ago after she gained a significant amount of weight with the birth of her first son. She made the decision to educate herself on fitness and health and has not looked backed since. Over the years she has learned what works and what doesn’t and now she focuses on eating clean and exercising on a regular basis. She believes that fitness and fun go hand in hand and her mantra is that you have One body, One life, and One opportunity to do it right.

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