As I have shared on several occasions on some of my blogs,I was once a proud single parent. Although I’m now married,  I must admit that nothing can ever replace the moments that my kids and I shared without a second parent.To celebrate the mothers that are also fathers in their home I wanted to share some of the most common questions that my kids asked me as they grew up without their dad.

“Mom, is dad coming to my game today”
“Mom, do I look like my dad”
“Mom, what is dad’s favorite food”
“Mom, does dad love us”
“Mom, can we invite dad”
“Mom, is dad ever coming home”
“Mom, will you marry my dad”
“Mom, why did you call dad an ass”
“Mom, do you hate my dad”
“Mom, do you still love dad”
“Mom, do you think dad’s new wife is pretty”
“Mom, do you think dad’s new wife look younger than you”
“Mom, is dad Santa Clause”

As you can see my kids didn’t really filter their questions about their dad, but because I was mom and dad I had to filter my answers to them in order for them to feel that their father was a super hero.I must admit sometimes that was a job within itself because my kids’ biological father wasn’t as honest as we expected him to be. So in addition to answering my kids’ questions as positively as possible, I also had to cover or make excuses for my kids’ father when he didn’t do the things he said he would do after putting their hopes on cloud nine.

To all of my single mothers this blog is for you.To celebrate us as a single mother please take a moment to comment the most common question your child(ren) has asked about their dad.

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