One question that many naturals face with dealing with their hair is, “Why is My Hair So Dry?” You hair can get dry due to the fact that your scalp is not getting enough moisture or that your hair lets the moisture escape. Also, your hair could be dry due to your daily manipulation:
– Using too much heat (Blow Drying, Curling Irons, Flat Iron)
– Over washing your hair (especially with a harsh shampoo)
– The Elements (Wind, Sun, and etc)
So, if you have a problem with dry hair, a method that you could start doing to help with the dryness is the L.O.C. method. What is L.O.C? It’s Leave in Conditioner (or Liquid – Water), Oil, and Hair Cream (Any creamy moisturizing hair cream or hair butter). It’s best to do this method, on freshly washed and conditioned hair but you can do this anytime of you feel that you need to if you feel your hair is beginning to feel dry.
Here is the breakdown of the L.O.C. Method.
Eboni three
Start by sectioning your hair which will make it easier to apply the product and to properly moisturize your hair. In each section, apply your favorite leave in conditioner or if you don’t have any, you can just use water. Comb the leave in throughout the section of your hair (use a wide tooth comb) to evenly cover all ends of your hair.
Eboni one
Next, apply a small amount of oil (use whatever oil that you may like) to the same section of hair and comb to spread the oil throughout your hair. If you do not like to use oil, you can also use a hair serum instead.

Last, apply a small amount of hair cream (any hair moisturizer cream, Shea butter, or hair grease) to the same section. Comb the section again just to make sure that the product spread evenly. After the last comb through, you can either two strand twist, braid, or just use a hair clip/clamp to hold the hair in place while you go on to the next section.
Using this method will help your hair retain moisture longer and also can make your hair stronger.

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