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Some people are self- conscious about wearing white because of the strong possibilities of the white outfit getting dirty or looking dingy if washed incorrectly. For ladies, there’s also the added hassle of wondering what type of underwear to wear underneath white clothing.

Recently on our Facebook fanpage we conducted a poll of what type of undergarments women should wear under white outfits. Before anyone could answer the questions about underwear during the poll, they discussed how disgusted they were with seeing ladies wear flowers or other bright colored underwear underneath white or light colored outfits.
So just for the record, wearing bright colors undergarments underneath white garments are distasteful. Linda Unhooked known as the ‘Bra Lady’ stated in her recent blog that wearing noticeable undergarments under white outfits is “not cute”. Even if you’re attempting to add more pizzazz to a white outfit wearing undergarments that are painfully noticeable may be acceptable in the fashion world but it’s not proper fashion etiquette. Instead of wearing florescent colored undergarments, I would suggest ladies wear more accessories with color. Now speaking of accessories, gold accessories are great to pair with white outfits. Click here to read what we wrote about gold accessories.

Here’s a rule of thumb when wearing white or light colors:
The objective is not to wear black or dark colored underwear underneath unless you are attempting to match your skin tone. Ladies should wear nude type colors underneath the white outfits to give the outfit some sort of bare feel. So which is better white, nude or black underwear?


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