PPB Fall Ed part 2
Lately there’s been a big debate on who should wear the best bling to a wedding, the bride or the mother-in- law. Mothers-in-laws argue that they should look better during the wedding because without them there would not be a groom. Which is true in a sense. On the other hand, brides feel that without their presence there wouldn’t be a wedding. Which is also true in a sense. Who do you think should look better the bride or the mother-in-law? When it comes to brides and weddings, I would like to side with the bride on this issue, but since I am a mama’s girl, I would also have to take sides with the moms.. So to solve the long debate over who should wear the best bling during the wedding, I would have to say both the mother-in-law and the bride can both have their moment of glory for the wedding. No harm, no foul right?

Here’s tips for both the bride and mother-in-law:
Brides, unless you and your soon to be mother-in-law have inseparable relationship, never attempt to wear the same jewelry or accessories. Wearing the same jewelry as your mother-in-law will only make you seem like the competitor and it takes away the “fabulousity” of you being a bride. Here in Texas, trying to compete with any woman is just downright distasteful. For your big day consider wearing unique jewelry with texture such as vintage or antique jewelry. Wearing this vintage jewelry will automatically give you a leg up on your mother-in-law. Oops, I forgot we’re not competing with her… Sorry must be the competitive side coming out in my writing, but you get my point right?

Mother-in-laws, this tip is for you. Normally the bridal tips are strictly to give advice and tips on bridal jewelry, but since there’s been quite a bit of mother-in-law fashion violations at weddings I wanted to go ahead and address those too. Mother-in-laws remember you are attending the wedding for your son and not to catch Mr. Right. We will save that moment for another day. For your future daughter-in-law’s big day remember to cover up the cleavage and take the hem out of the mini skirt. Stay focus because this day is not about you. Now to continue with the tip about accessories, don’t forget to wear accessories that will allow you to embrace your age. Hair accessories and brooches are perfect accessory choices for the wedding. If you really want to up the ante skip the necklace and just wear over the top earrings. If you decide to show a little skin considering wearing a back out dress and with a single strand pearl necklace. Now that’s what you call bring sexy BACK!

{Revised Article} This article was originally published on a plus-size bridal magazine and Examiner.com.

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