A selfie is a portrait that is normally taken by a hand held cellphone or camera device that people take of themselves. Personally, I never really felt good, bad or indifferent about selfies until I read an article recently stating that selfies are a way of people being self absorbed and it links to a slight sign of depression. I actually disagree with the article’s theory because selfies actually provides focus to the person taking the self portraits rather than focusing on others.

What is the true purpose of a selfie?

Now we all know that the concept of selfies came from not having anyone available to take our pictures right? Whoever came up with this method of taking pictures was innovative.

How can selfies help boost a person’s confidence?

Personally I feel when a person is focus on self by taking selfies, they are also able to see the things behind them. Meaning the things behind them is in their past.
So instead of feeling negative about selfies we should celebrate the concept of selfies because it’s another form of celebrating who we are.

So do you still selfies are linked to a person’s mindset?
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