Let’s be honest, we’re all impatiently waiting for summer 2014. In order for it to be amazing, we need to be ready and updated on everything occurring this summer: from the hottest events, to the craziest trends. And of course, updated on the latest fashion happening.

What are the trends?
First – WHITE!
White is being really trendy this summer. Some like to wear it from head to toe, with some different tones of it, while some like to add a touch of color with it.
I wore it simply with darker heels to remove the ‘too-angel’ side of the dress.

Cropped jackets are really elegant and mostly show a chic side, although some like to add them to really sporty looks.
I added it to denim because I noticed it made a whole casual look, so chic.IMG_5636

Overalls are really trendy for the season,
they’re chill and cute.
Plus, they can be worn really easily.
I added white to my jeans overall because I love simple.

Why follow the trends?
Do you ever just walk around some place and notice how some people lack style and are ‘unfashionable’. Sometimes, you need to think about it. These people have their own point of view about fashion but what they don’t do, is check out the point of view of the rest of the world. In fact, each one has a very different idea concerning fashion and style. That’s why, you still need to verify people’s current choices and designers’ outlines.
How to follow the trends?
I’ve always been the one to say that following trends should not change you. In fact, you can’t just track the fashion movement and go with it. You need to still have a lot of your personal style involved. Your own touch should be included in your outfit; the trends are only here to guide you to your own imprint.
Don’t lose your own style but add the trend however you can adapt it. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable. Being comfortable means you’re being you. And that’s a great step.
What trends to follow?
“Oh look, tea-length skirts are really in this season, so I’m going to get a bunch and wear them.” NO! You can’t just try any trend because it depends on lots of factors. First of all, your personality is important. Are you kind of classy in your looks? Well maybe you could try on a tea-length skirt. If you’re more into a rocky look, then either try to adapt it or just forget the tea-length skirt! Second of all, your morphology counts as well. We all have these small body problems, who are we kidding? But it’s useful for us to feel good about ourselves: and in order to do that, we need to make sure we don’t use a material that would complement our biggest complexes.

Like I already said: try to adapt a trend to your own style and your clothing rules.
I, for example, hate wearing anything that’s too skinny on the body but I learned to adapt it to my own look. By adding a jacket over it, I was able to hide what I dislike in me but still look fashionable and trendy!

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