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Since I am plus-size female with a round face, I’ve always wondered if there was a way to make my face over to give it somewhat of a slim or square look. To cure some of the curiosity about being plus-size and wearing make-up, I interviewed make-up artist, Marilona Samuel of Marilona Makeovers.

Should plus size women wear a lot of makeup?
I only believe that one should wear just enough makeup to enhance their natural beauty and features and to hide blemishes and discolorations, no matter their physical size maybe. However, since full-figured women have a tendency to have rounder faces, contouring the face is very important. A rounder face is shorter, fairly wide, with full cheeks and a rounded chin. With that being said, rounder faces tend to stay younger looking than the other face shapes.

What tips do you have for women, like myself that have a plus size face but sometimes want to have a slim face?
Contouring and highlighting is key. The simplest way is to take a color bronzer or powder that is a shade or two darker than your natural complexion and sweep it along the temples, cheeks, and jaw line to create the appearance of an oval face. Highlight your forehead, underneath the eyes just on top of the cheekbones, and the center of your chin to draw attention to the center of your face with a powder a shade lighter than your skin tone. Make sure you blend, blend, blend. Check the darker colors to make sure you do not have harsh lines, and do not use anything that is too dark for your skin. And don’t forget a pinch of blush on your cheeks. Contouring around your nose is important too, especially for Asians and African Americans.

Since the smoky eye make-up technique is important, do you feel this technique is for plus-size women?
A smoky eye can look good on anyone, no matter their size, face shape, or complexion. It really depends on the eye shape more than anything else. Ladies with small eyes might want to stay away from the smoky look as it could make the eyes look even smaller; rather than using dark colors use lighter colors that will brighten the eye area up and give the affect of a larger lid.

This article was originally published in Examiner by LaNette Kincaid


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