As small business owners, we’ve all probably experienced deaths in the family and the toll they take on our businesses. So this week, I gave my two cents on how long does it take to regroup and move on after a death in the family. More importantly how long should we be impacted by the death in the family or how long should we be away from our businesses.
As a business owner you may be thinking, “I’m a business owner so I can miss as many days as I want.” When it comes to a small business, you should use the three day absent rule of corporate America. Honestly, as a small business that is really all the time you have to pull yourself together. Feel free to take more time if you have business partners.

If you are an online business then you might be safe and have more time to grieve, make arrangements for funeral or travel. As a online business remember to take advantage of the simple online methods to stay in contact with your customers by using systems that allows you to pre-schedule blogs and post days in advance. My favorite pre-scheduling system is Hoot Suite because you are able to post on mostly all of your social networks. Did I mention that Hoot Suite has a free trial period? Truth of the matter is since you are a small business your clients have selected your business because they appreciate the personal attention . In most cases if you decide to go missing in action for whatever reason, your clients will consider doing business with other similar businesses.

This article was originally published in by LaNette Kincaid.

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