This is dedicated to my mother Emma Sterling on behalf of all of her children.
She is the great tree whose roots run generations deep. Love upon our heads she generously heaps. We are her legacy springing forth from her branches. Her prayers are the wind that liberates our leaves to dance.
The bread of her wisdom her children gladly eat. At the table of her struggles, we eagerly pull up a seat.
To have watched her work tirelessly through days with no end; taught us lessons of perseverance which only the appreciative mind could comprehend.
We have gleaned so much from the life called “mom”. For every lash that life inflicted, her support was the healing balm.
She’s a timeless beauty, full and regal in her stance, with penetrating blue eyes that contrast against her coco, caramel skin.
Dignity is her badge of honor and her strength is her armor. The way that she selflessly gives is her charm.
Emma ~ her very name means “whole” or “universal”. Ergo her family finds all things within her.
What can separate a mother’s love from her children? Neither mistake nor rebellion, neither success nor failures, neither sickness nor death, neither closeness nor separation, neither hard times nor celebration.
Yet, in all these things we are convinced that our mother loves us the way Christ loved the church because she has given her life for her children.
Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

By Nikki Johnson


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