Clarice McDonald was born in a small town in Jefferson, Texas. Clarice was a very smart and hard working mother. Clarice raised 4 kids and loved them with everything she had. Clarice was one of the first African Americans to attend Texas Christian University, and was able to obtain a 4 year degree in Nursing. She went on to have a great career as a RN and her love for her patients was always on display. Mom also taught us to attend college and always pursue higher education. However, I mostly remember my mom for her strictness in regards to keeping the kitchen clean. Mom would mostly work 3pm-11pm. Mom would get home around 11:30 p.m. and she would walk into the kitchen for inspection. Believe me, the kitchen would be clean for she would wake everyone up to find out why it wasn’t. Mom supported all of our endeavors and she was a straight to the point type lady. Our mom became ill in 2007 and she fought the good fight to stay alive for an additional 2 years. The year of 2009 she left this earthly home, and is now resting in complete peace with her husband of over 50 years (Roy McDonald). Happy Mother’s day Clarice McDonald. You are the greatest of all times!!!!!!


K. McDonald (baby-boy).

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