My Mother
I love to brag on my mother because I never understood how she lived in times that were segregated. While Dr. Martin Luther King boycotted in Alabama, my mom and her college friends marched and boycotted in Houston because my mom believed in equality. Yes, she was first. My mother buried her mother while attending high school and she still continued her education. As a matter of fact,she was the first in the family to receive her high school diploma.Yes she was first. After college my mother had my brother and I, but she raised several children of her siblings. While other mothers partied, my mom was with my brother and I because she put us first. She taught us how to love Christ no matter what because she put HIM first.
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My mother believed strongly in being a Christian. When I was a kid, my mom believed in going to church daily. I couldn’t believe it as a kid, but we actually attended some sort of church service every day of the week. I literally hated so much church as a kid, but today I’m grateful that my mom took us.
My mom was an educator for the Fort Worth ISD for over 15 years. I remember attending school where my mom taught and I never knew my mom wasn’t the principal because I always ended up in my mom’s office when I got in trouble. Ha! Ha! My mom believed in discipline and she would spank me whenever I acted up with a switch or a belt that she kept in her purse. Some may call it abuse but she didn’t care because SHE WAS FIRST.
When I had my son, I told my mom I would never attend another school and I would never go to college. My mom not only helped me enroll in Tarrant County College, but as fate would have it we attended Tarrant County College at the same time because she wanted me to be first.
I will always be grateful to my mother for everything she has done for me and my brother. If there is a such thing as an end and back I know my mother has gone there for me. My mother is the greatest example of a mother because she is first!
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What do you remember most about your mom?

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