Valerie's mom
One of the things I remember fondly of my mother when I was growing up was the times she spent with me making furniture for my Barbie dolls out of old shoe boxes and other random things we could find around the house. Since we couldn’t really afford the Barbie dream house or the Barbie Corvette; we got creative. I was always the type of child that got bored easily. And since I come from such an artistic family, we made the best out of what we had. In fact I think it made playing with my Barbie dolls that much more fun.
Parents are so busy these days and understandably so. We have work, housework and finances to think about. We don’t take the time to indulge in the activities our kids love a lot of times these days. This is why this memory means so much to me. The time my mother took to play Barbie with me was more than just playing Barbie. She was paying attention to me and I felt loved and cared about. I will always cherish this memory of my mom and I French braiding doll hair, and doing girly things like this together.

By Valerie Close

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